Why You Need to Hire a Real Estate Attorney in Ontario

Even if you can purchase a property without hiring a real estate attorney, it is a wise decision to hire one. These experts are familiar with the real estate law and potential pitfalls. He or she will help you in carrying out a successful transaction as you make this crucial investment. Sometimes you might find some terms which are not clear or find difficulties when navigating the prices. These people can benefit from the services of real estate professionals. The following are the key benefits associated with the services of a real estate lawyer:

Addressing Complex Contracts


Negotiations and contracts involved when buying properties from entities like corporations, trusts and partnerships are very complex. Real estate attorneys have the expertise needed when carrying out these transactions. Hiring such a professional will ensure that the contract made is legally valid. The attorney will ensure that the charter agreements are respected when doing business with any entity.

Addressing Liens and Title Search

The title search is the document that tells the financial institution and the buyer if the seller has the right of selling his or her property to you. You should make sure that the property being sold does not have encumbrances such as liens or judgements that might prevent or hinder the transaction. If such issues are discovered, the real estate attorney will provide you with suggestions that can satisfy these claims. Buyers should get proof that these claims have been satisfied.

Professional Contract Review


Some of these contracts are packed with complex legal terms/jargons. Some eager sellers can pressure buyers to sign agreements without reading or understanding the contents. The real estate attorney hired will help you in knowing the different terms in your purchase contract. He will also let you know if there is any content which is potentially detrimental.

Ensure That the Closing Process Is Properly Done

Many crucial steps occur when closing the purchase of a property. These include:

  • Passing the property title to the buyer after purchasing the property
  • Preparing the closing documents like the deed
  • Paying the remainig balance of the buyer’s purchase price
  • Making the closing statement- This is the statement that itemizes the transactions between buyers and the sellers.

This professional will provide you with the valuable assistance needed if there are disputes or last-minute questions over certain costs. He or she will make sure that your rights are not jeopardized in case there is something which goes wrong during the buying process.